Lighting The Landscape

We supply edging materials for landscaping excellence. Our patented edging products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are conceptually simple, modular in design, and can be quickly assembled by landscapers on projects of any size. Landscape designers will quickly learn our portfolio of components and will be able to design anything from a residential backyard to much larger landscapes like parliamentary grounds and municipal gardens.

The Lights Are Built Right In

The affordability and durability of LED technology is incorporated into our landscape edging products. We offer both PVC and recycled rubber edges both with illuminated expansion joints so even the most challenging projects can be met with an effective solution.

  • High Impact Weather Resistant Material
  • Light Weight
  • UV Resistant Coating and Long Life
  • Quick Assembly and Versatility
  • Re-usable Modular Design
  • Water and Moisture Channels


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We are working with landscaping professionals who are preparing for spring 2018. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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