Versatile and modular illuminated landscape edging product. Designed with simplicity in mind and great for use by landscape professionals and home owners alike. Mscape landscape edging is a system of modular components that can be easily assembled to create impressive landscapes. On this page you will find more about this new product. If you would like to talk to a product specialist, please visit our contact page.

Illuminated Landscape Edging

Design inspired by landscapers to be practical and easy to assemble. Standardized modular components to create endless designs.

Light Weight

The modular components are easily placed into location and can be assembled with standard battery operated tools.


The factory colours and finish are UV resistant and designed for long life.


The PVC used is very strong and designed to take the abuse of normal gardening equipment such as mowers, trimmers etc. Additional support clips can be added to handle increased loads.

Fast to Assemble

An installation is made up of standarized components assembled in custom configurations. Components can be selected based on shape and barrier properties. For example, we have various corners for drainage, straight, and curved sections. To install, simply connect and attach pieces together with screws. Then spike to the ground. Support clips are added as required for strength.

Very Little Preparation

Installers simply create a shape on a landscape then lay down a landscape fabric, which locks into clips on the edging.


The components can be removed and reused in another area of the project or a new project at any time. You can easily re do the existing project by simply adding components. You never lose your investment.


If a section or component is damaged it can easily be replaced in minutes.

Directs Excess Moisture Away

Reduces or eliminates rot, mold and mildew. Protects plants and trees. No more root rot to destroy your expensive flowers, shrubs or trees. As the MScape components allow excess water to flow away from the protected area there is very little chance of creating a soggy area during rainy season or over watering.

Tree or Garden Rings 5 ft, 8 ft, 14ft and 20ft

These rings come in sections allowing you to easily create tree rings, islands, or custom flower beds, gardens. Any shape that comes to mind can be created. Simply plan your design with our custom software and it will create the materials plan. It takes minutes not hours.

Water Management

Mscape Edging directs excess moisture away from protected areas reducing water build up. Controlling the flow of water is critical to effective landscape management and our product is designed by engineers with this in mind. Over watering and excessive rainfall tough challenges to overcome, but with our product you can effectively protect your plants and trees.

Modular Design

The Mscape system is build on modular components that can be quickly assembled by your landscaping team. There are several benefits to building your landscape with modular systems including the following:

  • Components are re-usable
  • The system is easily repaired by replacing only what is broken
  • Assembly is easy
  • The system is very versatile and can be adapted to any application

High Quality Materials and Patented Design

The concept behind our product is very simple therefore we protected it with a patent and a commitment to quality. We are building a brand with the core commitment to high quality materials and manufacturing. First, our materials are manufactured to be strong and durable. They have a very long usable life and are protected from even the most extreme climate. Second, our name is on it. Yes, we own a patent, but more importantly we stand behind our product.

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