Driverless LED Light Strips (an excellent outdoor LED lighting product). Mtac outdoor lighting products are AC powered LED components mainly used in landscaping. If you would like to talk to a product specialist, visit our contact page.

Outdoor LED Lighting Strips

Easy-to-use AC Lighting Components For Beautiful Landscaping Projects (And Other Outdoor Uses) …without any bulky power supplies or need for complex wiring.  It’s plug-and-play!

MTAC Lighting – Perfect for Landscape Professionals

Our LED lighting products allow for lighting that covers a lot of distance. You can easily illuminate 165 feet of a landscape (an entire property) with a signle AC switch. Complicated DC power supplies are not used with our product. All of our components are modular and simply plug and play. LED strips are available in white, red, green, and blue. If desired, we also offer build to suit components and planning support for any project.

AC powered LED lights outlast DC lighting. Our AC sequencing adapters are small and simple. Plug your MTAC lights into any standard power outlet.

Driverless LED Strip Lights

Driverless LED Strip Lights offer a variety of brightness and colour options. Create the perfect effect.

Other low-voltage waterproof LED Strip Lights require transformers, drivers, and complicated wiring. Our products do not. Our driverless LED strips are ready to go out of the box. Plug into any standard household AC wall outlet and you will instantly have the ability to light up 165 feet with just one connection. Anyone can add accent lighting virtually anywhere. It’s low cost and often does not require any professional assistance! All of our driverless LED light strips are waterproof and rated to IP67, great for both indoor and outdoor use!

Choose any length from as small as 19.68 inches up to 165 feet in increments of 19.68 inches (50 centimeters).

Each strip is delivered to you at the desired length and ready to connect with the included 2 foot long 2-prong power cord. No configuration or complex connection wiring is necessary.


The power connector has been created to simplify power delivery to the Driverless LED Light Strip. The total length of the power connector is 2 feet and can power up to 165 feet of lighting. Using waterproof glue, a full waterproof seal can be created. UV protection is also built into the power connector to help preserve it for a long lasting installation.


  • Perfect for outdoor applications
  • No drivers or cumbersome transformers
  • Quick installation (plug and play, out of the box)
  • No wires to cut or soldering required
  • Extended lengths up to 165 feet (with a single plug)
  • High-grade silicone housing for added protection

Main Features

  • Available in white, blue, red, and green
  • Waterproof to IP67 for indoor and outdoor